Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hokie Pokie Blend Song

Just a little song to help make learning blends a little more fun...
(Sing to the tune of the Hokie Pokie.)
My example uses the /sm/ blend. Substitute the letters, sound and words for any blend.

You put a (s- say letter name) in, you put a (m - say letter name) in,
you put a (s m - say both letter names) in and you stir them all around -
/sm/ /sm/(say blend sound) smile, /sm/ /sm/ (say blend sound) smell -
that's what it's all about -
dump them out!

My kids really love adding motions as well. When we add the letters we pretend to but them in a bowl. We stir them up in the bowl with a stirring motion. Finally, we dump out the bowl and start over with two letters for another blend. :)

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  1. how cute! we love to do singing in my class...I will have to remember when we get to blends