Saturday, November 26, 2011

Even and Odd Turkey Fun!

We were working on even and odd patterns when skip counting by 2's last week using "start" numbers other than 1 (for odd) and 2 (for even.) After some practice using a 30 chart coloring even and odd patterns and playing "race to 30" and lots of practice identifying an even or odd pattern beginning at any given number, I cut up a 30 chart and gave a number 3 - 22 to each student. I chose the range 3 - 22 because I didn't want to start on 1 or 2 and by ending at 22 it left enough numbers to continue the pattern to 30 without going over. We began by drawing the turkey body, legs, head, face and wings together. Then I passed out the numbers to glue in the first feather and the students continued the pattern writing one number on the tip of each feather in pencil. I told them to make it pretty large. They identified the pattern and wrote "even turkey" or "odd turkey" in the center of the body. The students then traced the numbers and letters in black marker and colored last. I am going to laminate them, make a little flap to go over the turkey tummies to cover the words, and use as a review book and a book in my math book math station for review. This way the kids can look at the pattern, identify as an even or odd pattern and then self-check.