Friday, February 17, 2012

Day and Night Paper Plates

My neighbor teacher, Mrs. Timms, put this fun activity into our science plans. Thanks Leeann!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

100th Day Snack

The students had a blast counting out 100 day snacks on these counting by 10 mats!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Would You Like to be an Astronuat?

Groundhog Day Shadow Fun

After spending a little time playing outside with our shadows and discussing how shadows are made, we made these adorable groundhogs and shadows. We made certain our sun was in the correct spot to cast the shadow in our pictures and cut the black and brown paper at the same time so the shadows would match exactly. (Make sure the kids turn the shadow the correct way so it doesn't look like a mirror image.)

Texas Rangers visit Moseley!

Poetry Folder Detectives

We spend a lot of time on poetry in our classroom. I provides a lot of bang for the buck. I use the weekly poems to "dig out" and review nouns, verbs, word wall words, rhyming words. We have a weekly reading comprehension test using our poems as well. The students pictures above are being "Word Wall Detectives" using magnifying glasses to search for word wall words and highlight them yellow. Since we add new word wall words and new poems to our folder each week, the search never ends right back to the first poems added at the beginning of the year. Each week there are new words to find. This is a great challenge activity for early finishers too. Have fun detectives!

Button Snowmen

Character Feelings - Legend of the Poinsettia

Christmas Tree Yummo!

We made these yummy Christmas trees at our party and they turned out pretty and delicious! We used large sugar cookies on the bottom covered with white icing as the tree skirt. A sugar cone covered with green icing makes the tree. We made lights using Skittles and Christmas packages using unwrapped Starbursts. The kids did all of the work and had a great time. I highly recommend!

Santa's Newest Reindeer

First sorry for the delay in posting to my Blog. Time has been scarce the past couple of months. Got this idea from a link at Bishop's Blackboard to The First Grade Teaching blog. Took pictures of the kids and had them paint their noses red. Each students filled out the reindeer application according to a rubric of what Santa would be "looking for" in his applicants. We then looked at the applications according the rubric and chose Santa's newest 8 reindeer (pictured above.) It was a lot of fun and these 8 kids were so excited that their hard word in writing paid off.