Friday, November 25, 2011

Double Your Money math game

In this game I made, two players take turns rolling a decahedron die, doubling the number and putting that many pennies on their game board. When a number is rolled, 5 for example, each student puts 5 pennies in one of the ten frames. (Both the student who rolled the 5 and the other player each put 5 pennies in the ten frames nearest making ten altogether.) Only the student who rolled the 5 get the 10 pennies and places them on his game board. I found that involving the other player each time kept the kids interested and made placing the pennies on the ten frame faster. Both students could also quickly check to make sure the player was taking the correct amount of pennies. The first player to 50 cents is the winner. Get a free PDF of this game at my Teachers Pay Teachers account.


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