Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shoes, Birthdays, Favorite Fruits...All About Graphing

Since the first day of school we've been working on collecting, sorting and graphing data -transitioning from real object to picture to bar graphs. Above are just a few photos of the types of graphing we have done. The students enjoy the added relevance of conducting their own surveys to collect information... especially being allowed to go talk to friends and carrying their own clipboards. :) In the first picture we graphed our shoes sorting between those with laces and those without laces. The yardstick represents the line we draw when comparing two amounts to see how many more or less one is than the other. The second photos are pics of our class picture birthday graph. The last few photos show the kids in action completing a survey about Favorite Fruit. The students learn to use tally marks as they ask 10 friends to choose a favorite fruit from the list and then create a bar graph to show their results. The students then compare all of the results and we discuss similarities and differences between the different graphs. Finally, the students will write questions about their graph using question stems I provide, trade with a partner and answer each other's questions.

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