Saturday, April 16, 2011

3D Flower Diagrams

Thank you to April Larremore and Stephanie Pollard for this cute idea! The kids loved making these 3 dimensional flower diagrams. Green straws make the stems and cupcake papers make the flower. Sunflower seeds are glued in the middle of the cupcake paper. I also had the kids break apart one seed and put part of the shell down in the soil to represent where the plant sprouted from. Any kind of seed could be used.


  1. we do something similar in first grade.. we watch certain plants grow.. this is a great blog.. come see mine.. it is

    sara zakar

  2. Thanks for sharing this idea! Can I "steal" it? : )
    Elaine Nessman

  3. Very cute! I may have to change up my plant project I was going to do!


  4. Cute idea we do something similar--using colored tissue paper for the flower, pipe cleaner for stem, glitter glue for rain, construction paper sun and tissue paper leaves...Thanks for sharing RoSchell

  5. This project was great with my first grade and Pre-K homeschooling kids. Thanks for sharing!

  6. We do the exact same thing! One of my teammates got it from a friend at a school she used to work with and shared it with us! Funny how good ideas get passed around!

    Rowdy in Room 300

  7. I would absolutely LOVE to do this with my first graders! What glue do you use that holds the straws and seeds when the pictures are upright? I know all my students have glue sticks but I don't think it would hold! Thanks for this great idea!